About Us


18 Years and counting

 Onetentco Party Rentals LLC is a family owned and operated business  located right in the heart of CT, the Farmington Valley.  We started out  in the early summer of 2001 after we had a big party for our son’s 2nd  birthday.  As always seems to happen with us, it rained on the day of  his party and we ended up renting tents, tables, chairs, and a moonbounce  at the last minute.  Sitting around one of the tables we said to  ourselves "we love to have parties, love to decorate, and can come up  with a complete vision of how a great party can happen."  It was at that  moment we decided that we were going to take a leap of faith and start  our own Event business, and that is how Onetentco Party Rentals came to be.  18 years  later and we are still coming up with new and creative ideas, growing  our inventory and enjoying every minute of the party planning process!   We hope you will put your faith in us and our family, we know you will  not be disappointed!